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Heaters for Indoor & Outdoor Use
Residential, Restaurants & Commercial

Our dependable, top–quality patio heaters provide a cozy warmth to a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces. With a patented design, our patio heaters transform gas–fired power into infrared waves of pleasant warmth. Our patio heaters heat surrounding surfaces — creating a consistent, even temperature that you don't get with other patio heaters. Experience the difference in comfort and savings with our home patio and restaurant heaters.


Our unique high–output patio heaters have a wide variety of incremental heat levels ranging from gentle warmth to tropical heat. Our exclusive patio heater controller allows you to adjust the temperature to your comfort and weather conditions of the day — be it windy, snowy or cold.

Our 304-947-8057 help restaurants and bars stay busy with happy, comfortable customers. Our heaters increase restaurant and bar outdoor dining seasons by 70 percent. They keep your clientele comfortable and increase your profits.

Our patio heaters are attentively designed to meet your specifications. They are the best patio heaters on the market and absolutely outperform every other patio heater. Our patio631-548-7316 are guaranteed!

Protected under the following patents:
Patent # 2,523,295 Canada
Patent # 2,608,038 Canada
Patent # 2,833,022 Canada
Patent # 8,381,715 USA 
Patent # 7,654,257 USA

316 Stainless Steel Patio Heaters | 9737787953 | 6145364082

patio heaters made in Canada

patio heater control
Patio Heater Controller
(patent pending)
Remote Control Panel

Proposition 65
patio heaters control panel

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